There’s many reason’s why your pet may need to use a Solvit Pupstep Pet Stairs to get up and down on the furniture to be closer to you. If you have a small dog getting up on an average couch or chair can be difficult for them.


These days many beds are extremely high and almost impossible for a small pet to jump up without your help. Having pet stairs makes it easier for both of you.



What can happens when your pet keeps jumping from a high place they’re at a high risk of injury to their back legs and hips. If not right away over time.


Having pet steps aid in an older dog or cat getting up and down with greater ease. Our pets can get arthritis and it can be painful trying to jump up or down.


Pets stairs for large dogs is a good idea too if they have an injury or are older. You might even want to use it getting into a SUV, truck or van

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