A recent study in the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine got me thinking about perceptions—and misconceptions—when it comes to water.

According to the study, black and Latino parents are three times more likely than whites to give their children bottled water rather than tap; these buyers also spend 1% of their income on bottled water, versus white buyer’s 0.4%.

This, in light of an Environmental Working Group report, which found only three of the nation’s 170 brands of bottled water sold in the United States disclosed where the water came from, how it was purified and what contaminants remained in the water. An earlier study by The Natural Resources Defense Council found that 17% of bottled waters contained unsafe bacteria, and 22% were contaminated with chemicals—including arsenic.

You might have a product and you might have even sold a few copies during the launch. But how to keep squeezing money out of it is something that can make you really crazy.

Promoting your product can make you feel like a door-to-door salesman trying to sell ice cubes to eskimos. Many of us are often left scratching our heads as to why we’re not generating more revenue from our products. David even talked about why we need to let go of our hesitancy to pitch, yet we still struggle with this.

Cross Selling Example

I’m a big believer that there’s much to be learned for us online folks by studying offline marketing.

So, I promised you that I’d share clever and unique marketing that catches my eye.

This is the one for this week.

Green Tea: The Secret Weight-Loss Weapon

Green tea has received a lot of good buzz in the press over the past few years, as studies show that the antioxidant-rich drink could have beneficial effects on everything from heart health to cancer prevention. And green tea can play a key role in the success of your Sexy Forever Plan.

Fancy Dress Pirate Costumes For A Fun Halloween

Halloween is focused entirely on fun for that reason it could mean different things to various folks. Some individuals are likely to adhere to the latest styles no matter if it's well liked tv or movie personality or another popular public figure, Other Halloween fans may want to add a current event or some other timely factor in their outfit choice. On the flip side other individuals  like more timeless costume options that may be worn in any year with no stressing about feeling outdated.

 If you'd favor classic Halloween costume options, then you certainly can't fail using a fancy dress pirate costumes. They're the best in sex appeal. They've got extraordinary laced up corsets and short-skirts that can't be any shorter. You might show off your bare midriff or you may have a little more coverage and simply use a sizzling off the shoulder look.  It's entirely your decision!

 After you include some fishnet stockings, knee high boots along with a pirates hat the intricate and fancy dress pirate costumes is definitely the best option if you'd like to rise above the crowd  of costumes.


A lot of bloggers out there want to make money doing it, but the way it is being approached just isn’t going to work.

I’ve said it about 2 billion times by now (I’ve lost count), but a blog is not a business. It never will be.

Yet, I see a lot of bloggers that, when they sit down and work, all they focus on is writing that next blog post. Really? How’s THAT going to make a business for you?

Taking the Blame | Martha Beck

It’s a scene we’ve watched a hundred times: A public figure glares into the camera with an expression of outraged innocence and declares, “I am not a crook!” or “It was dehydration, not a drug overdose!” or “I have never had an affair!” Most of us in the viewing audience used to give these folks the benefit of the doubt, but not anymore. We’ve grown jaded watching a succession of well-known people make bold disclaimers that later proved to be flat-out falsehoods.

Seth’s Blog: Should the New Yorker change?

For the first time in its history, the editors at The New Yorker know which articles are being read. And they know who’s reading them.

They know if the cartoons are the only thing people are reading, or if the fiction really is a backwater. They know when people abandon articles, and they know that the last 3,000 words of a feature on the origin of sand is being widely ignored.

Hurricane Irene weakened slightly Friday morning to a Category 2 storm, but was expected to strengthen again later in the day as it barrels toward the Outer Banks of North Carolina and then on to New York and New England.

Irene is still expected to slam into the North Carolina coast Saturday—roughly somewhere between Morehead City and Cape Hatteras—as a major hurricane, which is a storm of Category 3 or more.

It was the summer of ’97 and I was a college kid working part time as a programmer at an ad agency. I wrote a simple CMS: practically my first perl program (I was so happy to not have to write in anything Microsoft!). I got an old DEC Alpha Multia in exchange for some freelance Java work. I stuffed it under my desk at work and registered the domain name in October. Jeff “Hemos” Bates chipped in on the registration fee. Within months we were serving thousands of people per day on a system that looked remarkably similar to the Slashdot you see today. It was simple: I just was sharing stories that I stumbled on with a small group of friends.

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