Little Flexibility Goes a Long Way

When you think about exercising, you probably start thinking of hitting the treadmill or pumping some iron. But the third key component necessary for fitness is flexibility. It reduces the chances that you’ll be plagued with muscle strains and aches, enhances your performance at other fitness activities, improves blood flow to your muscles and joints — and can even help you reduce your stress levels

Sometimes, success is simply a matter of making one small adjustment. For example, at 211 degrees, water is hot. But at 212 degrees it boils

Let’s start this off with this… it is a process, not a one time event. Facebook traffic will take some consistent effort on your part ~ but it can happen in just a few minutes a day.

We’re all trying to cram more and more into our lives. And often, when life gets busy, the first thing to go is sleep — many people are getting by on five hours of sleep a night or less.

But constant sleep deprivation can have side effects beyond the typical dragging feeling and a need for a caffeine fix.

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Mastering mindful eating — awareness of eating — and stress-reduction techniques help prevent weight gain even without dieting, U.S. researchers say.

Jennifer Daubenmier and the Elissa Epel University of California, San Francisco, said the women involved in their study were not on calorie-counting diets.

Instead, 24 of the 47 chronically stressed, overweight and obese women were randomly assigned to mindfulness training and practice. The other 23 served as a control group. No diets were prescribed, but all participants attended one session about the basics of healthy eating and exercise.

5 Tips for Creating a Weekly Meal Plan

Whether you’re looking to save money or prepare meals quickly, you often see suggestions for planning your meals. If you’re unfamiliar with meal planning this can be frustrating and confusing advice. Here’s 5 tips to help you create your weekly meal plan.

A Little Thyroid Goes a Long Way

When we’re younger, we worry about packing on the freshman 15 — but now we need to focus on avoiding the 40-something (and plus!) 15. Once you start nearing the big 4-0, your body may stop producing key hormones at the optimal levels, resulting in a sluggish metabolism that doesn’t burn calories the way it used to.

A friend called and asked me where I was going. I said, “Oh, I’m headed to San Jose. I have to speak at a convention.” I said it with a little resignation in my voice.

When I hung up, it hit me. I don’t have to speak. I get to speak. That instantly changed my attitude.

How many people would gladly do this for free—or even pay for the opportunity? Yet I was getting paid to do it.

The first expression (i.e., I have to do it) is the language of duty. Nothing wrong with that. I am all for responsibility. But too often, we say it with a sigh, like it’s a sentence—or we are a victim.

The second expression (i.e., I get to do it) is the language of privilege. It is as if we have been given a gift, and we are relishing the opportunity.

Recently, I watched Tony Robbins [Warning: rough language] give similar advice to a woman who was struggling in her marriage. She stood up in one of his seminars to ask a question. She complained that she had “tried everything” to improve her relationship with her husband but nothing had changed.

I absolutely love my crockpot. I also like to cook once and eat (at least) twice… that’s exactly what I did yesterday with my crockpot.

The plan for last night was crockpot roasted chicken, later in the week we’re having pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches, so to make it easier and cheaper we’re doing it all at once.

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