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I am a highly sensitive person for sure. I am not sure if I was born this way, or if my childhood evoked it. But I was probably born this way, because my mother was also Highly Sensitive and so is my son.

Of course, my mother also had the type of traumatic childhood that could cause this, but my son has not. and He was definitely highly sensitive on the day he was born. :) I remember that well. lol.

I’ve been working with a young Mom recently – she should remain nameless but let’s call her Vicky.

She has a pretty decent Virtual Assistant business going and is very happy that it’s actually generating enough income to allow her to stay home with her two year old son and new baby daughter.

Her family is complete now, she has a boy, a girl and a business – one of each, just perfect! :D

Vicky’s a pretty smart cookie and has really done quite well so far…

Making Your Own Greeting Cards

I consider myself artistic and love to create things with my hands. Making your own Greeting cards is a very nice way to send a wonderful card. Not only is it a greeting but a piece of art that can be displayed on a small easel or framed for hanging on the wall.

 It can be a little overwhelming with so many supplies available and sometimes layouts of a card can stump you. But don't let that stop you the Internet is a huge source for inspiration when it comes to making your own greeting cards. Start with clean and simple until you become more comfortable with paper crafting

I don’t get riled up about too much. Well, maybe inwardly, but almost never enough to even say it out loud. But today Facebook crossed the line.

If you happen to have a business or fan page of any type over on Facebook you may or may not have noticed over the past few months that it seemed like not all of your fans were seeing your posts in their feeds. If it felt that way to you, you weren’t losing your marbles, you were right! And today it all makes sense.

Personal Name Versus Brand Name

This is a question with no single right answer. It also happens to be one which I’ve been asked about many times.

Should somebody build up using their own name…. or not?

I think everybody who has their own name available as a dot-com should own it. Period. In fact, I believe it so much that I even registered the names of my two children before they were even born. What one does with the domain is an individual decision, however.

Kit’s Organic fruit and nut bars appear to be CLIFs version of the all popular LaraBar. Up until these, CLIF was mostly offering grain based protein bars for active folks and a specialty brand of the same for women. I am not a fan because they have grains and they have soy. It was one these brands actually that I started consuming shorty before my thyroid disaster. When CLIF contacted me about trying these bars I was a nano second away from hitting delete when I saw that these were fruit and nut bars only. Well, okay, sure…why not?

I used to be a big time perfume lover. All throughout my teens and early adult years I wore Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door perfume. Just ask my husband, he is still sulking that I no longer wear what he considers my signature scent. Eventually I stopped wearing it because who has time for perfume when you have to change messy diapers and supply breast milk on tap 24/7? Then after a few years I decided I didn’t WANT to wear it because conventional perfume is some seriously toxic and nasty stuff and I wanted to abstain from toxic beauty.

The portion of the population that haven’t bought from you or your competition yet is not waiting for a better mousetrap.

They’re not busy considering a, b and c and then waiting for d.

No, they’re not in the market. They don’t believe that they have a problem that’s worth the time and money they think it’s going to take to solve it.

Pump Up Your Exercise Routine

Believe me, I’m not one of those people who springs out of bed ready to work out, but when I start moving I feel great and have energy to spare for the rest of the day. That’s because aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping and your lungs working, which strengthens them and helps them get better-oxygenated blood out to your cells. And the more oxygen you provide to your cells, the more energy, immunity, and endurance you’ll build up. All of which lead to a sexy, healthy body!

Google unveiled the first peek at what it’s calling “Project Glass” on Wednesday, an augmented reality eyeglasses that keeps Google services on hand at all times. The glasses will have the capability to display messages, chats, appointments, weather and maps right in your field of vision, according to a video the company posted on Google+ Wednesday.

Google, it should be noted, is not the first company to come up with the idea of augmented reality glasses, but would have a perhaps unprecedented consumer reach.

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