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Rancho Cucamonga Realtor

Yes, even though Rancho Cucamonga Realtor may seem like a strange name for a website, I chose this name for a reason.

You see, when a person is new in town or is just at home sitting at their computer there is a pretty good chance that this person will type in Rancho Cucamonga Realtor… or maybe Realtor Rancho Cucamonga in order to find an agent to help them with their real estate needs.

Eat Italian — Live Longer!

Tomatoes, basil, and olive oil aren’t just the building blocks of delicious Italian cuisine — they’re also the perfect combination of ingredients if you’re looking to lose weight and eat healthier. How exciting is that? Here’s a look at how each of these superfoods can benefit your body.

What is bail and Will I Need It

No one ever thinks they would be in a position that they would need to be bailed out of jail. What is Bail anyway? Bail will not always be need, but in cases where the court feels someone is a high risk they will request money or some kind of asset be used as collateral to insure the accused will show up for court. To get more information on bail and bail bonds visit http://bailbondsca.org

Bernita Burdick
Local Internet Marketing Adviser

Egypt Costume

Halloween is so much fun for both kids and adults. It let's you dress up in ways you couldn't normally. This year do something unique and check into an Egypt Costume. There are mummies, queens, kings, and warriors. Something for everyone. For women there are many sexy Egypt costume and what man wouldn't love to be on the arm of a goddess as a king. Perfect for couples going out for Halloween.

Sacred Woman

I love this poem an wanted to share it with youFantasy woman

Power of Women

Woman is the creator of the Universe,
And the Universe is her form;
woman is the foundation of the world,
she is the true form of the body.

Whatever form she takes,
whether the form of a man or a woman,
is the superior form.

In woman is the form of all things,
of all that lives and moves in the world.
There is no jewel rarer than Woman,
no condition superior to that of woman.

There is not, nor has been, nor will be
any destiny to equal that of woman.

There is no kingdom, no wealth,
to be compared with a woman;
there is not, nor has been, nor will be
any holy place like unto a woman.

There is no prayer to equal to woman.
There is not, nor has been, nor will be
Any yoga to compare with a woman,
No mystical formuls nor asceticism
To match a woman.

There are not, nor have been, nor will be
Any riches more valuable than a woman.
We Are What We Seek

Kashmiri Shaivism


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